Teen Class Registration 


Please make sure you have read over the Teen Driver's Ed Course Information/Schedule link before continuing any further. We want to make sure you have a good understanding of how all of this works and what you get before registering. If you have not read Teen Driver's Ed Course Information/Schedule link CLICK HERE.


PLEASE READ BEFORE REGISTERING (registration info below)

1. Student has to attend all 3 days of a session. This cannot conflict with other obligations. Driving portion must be finished 90 days from the last day of class. 

2. We cannot rush someone though the course. The driving portion can't be rushed so please plan ahead and start this process sooner rather than later.   

3. Class is for those who are testing for their Provisional Operators Permit or School Permit.  

4. Must have valid Learner's Permit or School Leaner's Permit prior to registering.

5. Student should be practicing bending the wheel regularly. 


Before registering please read ALL above. 

Step 1: 

Please email the answers to questions below to: cornhuskerdrivingschool@gmail.com

Note: If clicking on the email does not work just copy and paste the email, or start a new email by typing the email address into a new message. 

1. REQUIRED Name? Read below carefully for format needed.

 (In the order of First Name, Middle Initial(s), Last Name(s). Make sure exact spelling of names reflects what is on the permit (i.e. William F. Jones)

2. REQUIRED Date of birth?

3. REQUIRED Full Home Address?

(please include city and zip code)

4. REQUIRED Permit Number?

5. REQUIRED Permit Type?

(Should be one of the following: Learner's Permit, School Learner's Permit, Provisional Operator's Permit, School Permit. You can find that at the top of the permit)

6. REQUIRED Permit Issued Date?

7. REQUIRED Is this permit renewed or issued?

8. REQUIRED Class Session Wanting to attend?

9. REQUIRED Parent Name, Cell Phone, and Email?

10. OPTIONAL Student Cell and Email?

*If you don't know how to pay, please click here and make sure you read the info on this page. If you notice at the top of this page we ask you to read and understand how this process works before registering. 

*Again, please note if you are starting this course, do not wait until the last minute. Students will have to drive with their instructor multiple times, so please plan accordingly and don't wait until the last minute. 

Step 2:

Look for email confirmation. We will email back within 72 hours with confirmation. Please read the confirmation email, it has lots of beneficial information that will save a lot of time in the long run. We know no one wants to read, but this will make things go much more smooth knowing the info provided in the email. 

*It is very important to get out and let your student drive. The practice/experience is only going to benefit them. Please get out and let them drive.