Teen Class Registration 


Please make sure you have read over the Teen Driver's Ed Course Information/Schedule link before continuing any further. We want to make sure you have a good understanding of how all of this works and what you get before registering. If you have not read Teen Driver's Ed Course Information/Schedule link CLICK HERE.


PLEASE READ BEFORE REGISTERING (registration info below)

1. Please do not register if student cannot attend entire 20 hours of class. There should be no doctors, sports, travel, etc conflicts. Students cannot jump from session to session. The session you sign up for they need to be there the days of that specific session.

2. We cannot rush someone though the course. If you are wanting to get done quickly, you should have started this course sooner. This course is a process, so waiting until the last minute is not recommended. Please don't procrastinate.

IMPORTANT TO NOTE: Students will drive with their assigned instructor MULTIPLE times. They will have their assigned instructors name and number for the driving portion. They will also meet their assigned instructor and schedule the first lesson while they are in class. Please contact the assigned instructor with any questions or cancellations. Those who don’t have much experience behind the wheel will most likely drive a few different times. This is a process with often long gaps between lessons for the student to practice. Please get out with them and drive as much as possible. This will only benefit them. DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE the driving portion is a process and cannot be rushed.

3. Class is for those who are 18 years or younger with valid Learner's or School Learner's Permit.

4. You can sign up at anytime, even if the class is starting the next day, we see last minute registrations all the time so please don't be discuraged if that is the case. Also please note you can register even if student doesn't have permit yet. Just make sure they have it on the first day of class.

REGISTER HERE:before registering please read above.

Step 1: 

Please message all six of the questions below at: cornhuskerdrivingschool@gmail.com


Note: If clicking on the email does not work just copy and paste the email, or start a new email by typing the email address into a new message. 

1. Full Name (First, Middle, Last) 

2. Full Home Address (please include city and zip code)

3. Permit Number (MUST HAVE A VALID NEBRASKA PERMIT needed by class start date, if you don't have it right now, have them bring it the first day of class) 

4. Date of birth

5. Class Session (if you haven't seen our list of classes, they can be found on the class schedule tab)

6. Parent Name, Cell Phone, and Email (if parent doesn't have cell please note that in the email)

7. Student Cell and Email (These are optional, but RECOMMENDED)

IMPORTANT!!! Please make sure you read all of the info on our Teen Class Info/Schedule before registering, we know it is a lot of info, but we want you to know what to expect, how to pay, understand the driving portion, how long it will take, etc. 

*Again, please note if you are starting this course, do not wait until the last minute. Students will have to drive with their instructor multiple times, so please plan accordingly and don't wait until the last minute. 

Step 2:

Look for email confirmation. We will email back within 72 hours with confirmation. Please read the confirmation email, it has lots of beneficial information that will save a lot of time in the long run. We know no one wants to read, but this will make things go much more smooth knowing the info provided in the email. 

***This course is a process, so waiting until the last minute is not recommended, the driving portion cannot be rushed!!!***