Our Policy


- Once the student attends the first class session, there is no refund. 

- All students must pass the classroom and driving portion to receive their certificate and for us to submit their waiver to the DMV. The driving portion is determined by the driving instructor based on the students proficiency applying the classroom material in the vehicle. The driving instructor will test the student in accordance DMV regulations. The classroom portion is determined by the students participation, quality of assignments, proficiency on quizzes and tests throughout the three day class. The instructors will pass or fail the student based on their ability to complete the above requirements. 

- The student is required to complete all classroom and driving sessions within a 180 day period. Any student who does not complete the course (including all driving) within the 180 day period will receive a failing grade. Students who fail the course are welcome to retake the course, but will be charged the cost of registration. *The drive test must be passed within 180 days of the written examination. 

- If a student is caught cheating they will be dismissed from the course. No refund is available.

Behind the wheel cancellation:
Unless it is an emergency or sickness, we ask students to give us at least 24 hour notice when cancelling or rescheduling a driving session. If a student cancels a drive time, without notifying Cornhusker Driving School within 24 hours of the drive time, a $45.00 fee will be requested. Please review our full classroom procedure and absence policy below. Excessive cancellations (three or more) may result in failure of the course.

Classroom attendance:

Students will have to retake the classroom portion for any time missed during the 20 hours. THERE WILL BE NO EXCEPTIONS.

Classroom Policy

Cornhusker Driving School Classroom Procedure and Absence Policy

If a student misses any class time, they will need to retake entire course.

As for the drive times, we ask the students give us at least 24 hours notice (unless again it is emergency or sickness) when canceling or rescheduling a scheduled driving session. Our instructors carry cell phones but are scheduled in the way that their lessons are back to back. Drive times are easier to reschedule when we are notified as soon as possible. To change a drive time, the student or parent must call the driving instructor and change appointed times with them. The students should have their instructor’s number, or you can call the secretary to get their number. If a student misses a drive time without notifying Cornhusker Driving School within 24 hours of the drive time, a $45.00 fee will be requested.

The student is also required to complete a driving test conducted by Cornhusker Driving School. We can only give the driving test for those students who are 14-17 years of age. 17 year old must have LP for 180 days prior to turning 18 for us to administer drive test. If the student does not pass the test within the assigned time, we will have to schedule an additional drive session to re-test. We do charge $75.00 for a student to re-test. We will let you know if your student is not ready to test so that we can avoid extra charges for re-testing. We will discuss practice time your student and allow them a later date to test if they are not prepared for the final drive test.

Students are required by the State of Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles to complete 20 hours of classroom and up to 5 hours of driving (depending on experience) and a drive test. All of these must be completed before the waiver form and insurance certificate will be issued.

We appreciate your business and hope to help you and your student in any way we can to become a qualified and safe driver. If you have any questions or concerns please contact us at one of the options listed on our contact page.

This Policy Updated 01/2022