Frenquetly Asked Questions

Will the Approved Driver's Safety Teen Course work for those who live in Iowa?

Iowa has different requirements for their approved safety course, so unfortunately our course will not count for those who live in Iowa.

What should I bring to class?

Bring your permit, a writing utensil, paper, driver manual, and a lunch or snack. I-pads/ tablets will be allowed for note taking purposes only.

What if I am unable to attend a drive time?

Unless it is an emergency or sickness, we ask students to give the driving instructor at least 24 hour notice when cancelling or rescheduling a driving session. If a student misses a drive time, without notifying Cornhusker Driving School within 24 hours of the drive time, a $45.00 fee will be requested. Please review our full classroom procedure and absence policy here.

How do I change my drive time?

To change a drive time, the student or parent must call the driving instructor at least 24 hours in advance of the original driving session. Please review our full classroom procedure and absence policy here.

What if I lose my Driver Education Certificate used for Insurance Purposes?

There is a $15.00 fee (check, cash or money order) for the re-issuance of the white insurance certificate. The request needs to be in writing (Please include students full name, address, date of birth and the year and location they took the class). The request must accompany the fee and be mailed to:

Cornhusker Driving School
P.O. Box 3463
Omaha, NE 68103

What is required to take this course?

Valid Nebraska Learner's Permit or School Learner's Permit required.


How does it all work?

There are two different permits for teens between the ages of 14-17, Learner's Permit and School Learner's Permit. Which one do you apply for? See below. Note: DMV will issue the Learner's Permit and School Learner's Permit. To obtain you must take a written exam at DMV. Need help studying? Click here.

1. If you are inside city limits you apply for the Learner's Permit. The LP allows you to drive with someone who is 21 and over with a valid license. You can apply for this permit 60 days before 15th birthday, issuance must be on or after 15th birthday. In other words, it is not valid until 15, but they can go apply early and have it so they can start driving right on their 15thbirthday. At any point of holding the LP you can take the Teen Driver Course. Once you have held your LP for 180 days and you turn 16 (or you might be 17 depending on how soon you get your LP), you will get what is called the Provisional Operators Permit. You will hold the POP until the age of 18. *Please note that once an individual turns 16, they DO NOT GET A LICENSE it is another permit that they receive (state regulation). Full license comes at age 18. The POP will be obtained once and individual holds the the LP for 6 months and is at least 16 years. This means that while they are 16 and 17 they can drive with the POP by themselves but have restrictions. For example, they can drive by themselves from 6 a.m. to midnight. Any time outside of that they need someone in the car who is 21 and over with and valid license. We will go over all the restrictions in class. Once they turn 18 then they will go get their full license at DMV no testing required as long as they complete our course and meet the requirements. Seems to good to be true, but as long as you plan ahead and know this info, you can save yourself a lot of time and utilize this to your advantage. 

2. If you live outside city limits you can apply for a School Learner's Permit. The SLP will allow you to drive with someone who is 21 and over with a valid license. You hold that for two months and at any point you hold the SLP you can take the Teen Driver Course. You can apply for this only on the 14th birthday, no sooner than that. If you obtain the SLP, you will hold that for two months, complete Driver's Ed then the next step would be the School Permit. The SP allows you to drive from school to home and back quickest route. If you are not sure if you are in or out of city limits you will need to verify that with the DMV. When you turn 16 you will swap out your SP for a POP (see above paragraph if you are not sure what POP is). 

Why Cornhusker Driving School?

When an individual takes our course, as long as they are 17 and younger and will have held the Learner's Permit for 180 days prior to tuning 18, we do all the testing (this includes those who are going for School Permit). If you don't know what a Learner's Permit or School permit is, make sure you read the previous section. So in other words, we will administer the tests for the Provisional Operators Permit and School Permit. Please note, once an individual turns 18 or will not hold the LP for 180 day prior to turning 18 we can no longer test them and are not eligible for the course. If you get the Learner's Permit at the last minute and you will only hold the LP for five or less months months, we wont be able to test you since you will turn 18 before holding LP for required time (Nebraska law requires those who are 17 and younger to hold permit for 6 months. THERE IS NOTHING YOU CAN DO TO SPEED UP THE PROCESS, SO MAKE SURE YOU ARE PLANNING AHEAD). If you are 17 and younger, we will be able to test you assuming you plan ahead and will have LP for required time. This means that after completing our course, we will submit what is called an ELECTRIC WAIVER. This waiver will be submitted by the assigned driving instructor letting the DMV know an individual completed our course. There will be no more testing needed (except eye test), all they would need to do is go to the DMV and pick up the POP or SP when they are eligible. Even though we would administer the testing (assuming we able to test the individual), going to the DMV would still be needed to pick up the POP or SP. Another benefit in taking our course is the insurance discount. We will issue a certificate at the end of the course. That certificate is what you turn into insurance for the discount (if you receive one). Please note that some insurance companies do not accept it, PLEASE CHECK WITH YOUR INSURANCE. Even if your insurance does not accept the certificate, it is still a huge benefit to not have to test at the DMV. 

Who can go through the class?

Those who will be testing for their Provisional Operators Permit and School Permit. If you already have POP or SP, you can take the course for insurance purposes.

*If an individual is 17 and will not hold the Learner's Permit for 180 days prior to 18 that means they will have to test at the DMV and will not be eligible to take our course.

What is included in the Approved Driver Safety Course for $495 and How do I Pay? 

Payment is due the first day of class. 

*We accept cash, check, or money orders. No debit or credit cards. Please have student bring payment on the first day of class. Checks and money orders, please make out to Cornhusker Driving School.


2. One-on-one driving instruction this will be scheduled when the student attends class. Drive time is separate from the 20 hours of class. FOR THE DRIVING PORTION ONLY, student will be picked up from home (if they live in our area Bellevue, Papillion, Gretna, Millard, Elkhorn, etc.) If they live outside of our area the driving instructor will have a meeting spot. THEY WILL NEED TO FIND A RIDE TO CLASS. They will be using our marked Cornhusker Driving School Student Driver vehicles for the driving portion. The driving portion must be completed 90 days after the last day of class. Please do not sign up if student is busy and/or is not ready to get behind the wheel. 

What about the car and insurance for the driving portion of the course?

For the driving portion with us, they will be using our Cornhusker Driving School marked vehicles with a passenger side brake and they will be on our insurance when in our vehicle.

How long does the driving take to complete?

Students will need to finish the driving portion 90 days from the last day of class. We ask that you hold off on signing up if your student does not have the time to make the driving a priority or is not ready to get behind the wheel.

How much driving will the student be doing?

It all varies on the student and how much experience they have. They get UP TO 5 hours of instruction, but may be tested out sooner if they are meeting all the requirements to pass the drive test. Some may drive two times, some might drive three times, etc. It all varies on how long they go out for with their instructor as well.    

How can a student get prepared for the driving portion of the course?


We know some people take this course last minute and expect to be done quickly, but know that this is something that can't be rushed. Those taking the course need to keep in mind, these hours that you are given behind the wheel are for you to past the drive test. Yes, we will work on the parts where you have issues and of course other things in addition to that. If you're not practicing at home, then it is going to be a struggle. Just like anything you do in life, if you want to get better at something you practice. PRACTICING OUTSIDE OF DRIVING WITH YOUR INSTRUCTOR IS A MUST!!!!!! Keep in mind you will be driving for the rest of your life. Please get out and drive as much as you can. 

How does the student schedule their driving and how does it work?

Instructors will stop in one of the days of class and start the scheduling their students. The student will also be given the instructor's contact info. The instructors do their best to schedule around the student and their busy schedule. We are used to busy work and after school activities. Weekend driving can be done as well as after school/evening if they they are available. As far as knowing when they are going to drive, that all depends on the instructor/student and when they are available to meet for their lessons. Since we try to work around the students schedule, it all just varies on when they have availability in their schedule. We recommend once taking the course to complete the driving and not hold off on the lessons. That way what they learned in class can be applied for when they do their driving with their assigned instructor. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU CONTACT THE ASSIGNED DRIVER FOR ANY CHANGES IN SCHEDULING. Our driving is ONE ON ONE. We pick up and drop off at home for the driving portion, if you live in our area (Elkhorn, Bellevue, Papillion, Millard, Omaha, Bennington, Gretna). If you live outside our area, you will have a meeting spot. For the classroom portion, they need to find a ride to the location of class.  They will be using our marked Cornhusker Driving School Student Driver vehicles for the driving portion.  

How soon should the student start the class?

As soon as possible. Do not wait until the last minute. Students should start this class AT LEAST 90 days prior to being eligible for the POP. Most don't realize the driving portion is a process and we can't rush this process, make sure you are leaving plenty of time and are factoring in multiple lessons where there are often long gaps so the student can practice in between. It is so important that the student is driving as much as they can outside of this program.