Teen Class Registration

IMPORTANT TO NOTE: Students will drive with their assigned instructor MULTIPLE times. Those who don’t have much experience behind the wheel will most likely drive a few different times. This is a process with often long gaps between lessons for the student to practice. Please make sure students take the course at least 60 days prior to being eligible for Provisional Operators Permit or School Permit for timely completion. PLEASE BE AWARE DRIVING MAY TAKE 60-90 DAYS DURING THE SUMMER MONTHS.

How to Register: 

Please message all six of the questions below at: 


Note: If clicking on the email does not work just copy and paste the email, or start a new email by typing the email address into a new message. 

1. Name (First, Middle, Last) 

2. Full Home Address 

3. Learner's/School Permit Number (needed by class start date, if you don't have it right now no worries)

4. Date of birth

5. Class Session (you can find our list of classes by clicking Class Information/Schedule)

6. Parent Contact (name and number) cell phone preferred. This will be used if there is any changes to class due to weather etc. Email will also usually be sent out as well.

WE WILL EMAIL BACK WITHIN 72 HOURS with confirmation and what the student(s) needs to bring to class. Cost of course is $375 cash, check or money order only. 

*Please be advised the driving may take a little longer to complete during the Summer months.

**Students will receive their instructors contact information in class. Please contact the assigned driving instructor for any drive time changes. 

Important things to note: 

- For the driving portion ONLY we pick up and drop off at home (in the Omaha area i.e. Gretna, Papillion, La vista Bellevue, Elkhorn etc) students must find a ride to the classroom portion. Each student will meet their instructor in class and schedule drive time. They will schedule one hour at a time.

- Class information such as location and times can be found on the Class Information/Registration tab or CLICK HERE.

- Students must be able to take notes and will also need Nebraska Driver's Manual. They can be picked up at the DMV or a version can be downloaded online. All of this will also be mentioned in confirmation email.