Teen Class Registration


1. Please make sure class session you chose does not conflict with any doctor appointments, sports, vacation, etc. Students will have to retake the classroom portion for any time missed during the 20 hours. THERE WILL BE NO EXCEPTIONS. If you have not looked at the class schedule please CLICK HERE. 

2. We recommend students attend a course at least 60-90 days prior to becoming eligible for their School Permit or Provisional Operators Permit in order to assure they are completed with course prior to driving on their own. This course is a process, so waiting until the last minute is not recommended. Please don't procrastinate. *Be advised the driving may take a little longer to complete during the summer months.


3. All classes have spots available, unless listed as closed. 

IMPORTANT TO NOTE: Students will drive with their assigned instructor MULTIPLE times. They will have their assigned instructors name and number for the driving portion. They will also meet their assigned instructor and schedule the first lesson while they are in class. Please contact the assigned instructor with any questions or cancellations. Those who don’t have much experience behind the wheel will most likely drive a few different times. This is a process with often long gaps between lessons for the student to practice. Please make sure students take the course at least 60-90 days prior to being eligible for Provisional Operators Permit or School Permit for timely completion. PLEASE BE AWARE DRIVING MAY TAKE 60-90 DAYS DURING THE SUMMER MONTHS. Please get out with them and drive as much as possible. This will only benefit them.


before registering please read above. 

*Cost of class is $390 and is due the first day of classPlease have student bring either cash, check or money order on first day of class sessionWE DO NOT ACCEPT DEBIT OR CREDIT CARDS.

How to Register [2 easy steps]

Step 1: 

Please message all six of the questions below at: cornhuskerdrivingschool@gmail.com

*Class is for those who are 18 years or younger with valid Learner's or School Permit.


Note: If clicking on the email does not work just copy and paste the email, or start a new email by typing the email address into a new message. 

1. Full Name (First, Middle, Last) 

2. Full Home Address 

3. Learner's/School Permit Number (needed by class start date, if you don't have it right now, have them bring it the first day of class)

4. Date of birth

5. Class Session (PLEASE NOTE CLASSROOM TIME IS 20 HOURS and will be held on multiple days. The driving will be held outside of the 20 hours. They will meet their assigned driving instructor in class, schedule their first lesson and also get their number. THEY WILL SCHEDULE THE LESSONS AS THEY GO. CONTACT ASSIGNED DIVER FOR ANY CHANGES. 

6. Parent Contact (name and number) cell phone preferred. This will be used if there is any changes to class due to weather etc. Email will usually be sent out as well.

***This course is a process, so waiting until the last minute is not recommended***

Step 2:

Look for email confirmation. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU USE EMAIL WHERE YOU WANT ALL CORRESPONDENCE FROM US TO GO TO. We will email back within 72 hours with confirmation. Please read the confirmation email, it has lots of beneficial information that will save a lot of time in the long run. We know no one wants to read :) but trust us, this will make things go much more smooth knowing the info provided in the email.