Teen Self Study Registration 


Please make sure you have read over the Teen Driver's Ed Self Study page before continuing any further. We want to make sure you have a good understanding of how all of this works and what you get before registering. If you have not read through the Self Study info page, please click here.

How to Register [2 easy steps]

Step 1:

Please message all 10 of the questions below at:


Note: If clicking on the email does not work just copy and paste the email, or start a new email by typing the email address into a new message.

* Please note this course will be mainly book-work and is more of a self study course, keep in mind it is 20 hours worth of material*

1. Full Name (make sure you send exact name on permit...first, middle, last):

2. Full Address (used for driving portion):

3. Date of birth:

4. Which permit does student have: Learner's Permit or School Learner's Permit?

5. School/Learner's Permit Number (should start with "H" followed by a few numbers):

6. Issued Date (please tell us if it has been renewed):

7. Student Cell:

8. How Much Driving Experience (estimation in hours):

9. Preferred email address to send send assignments:

10: Parent/Guardians Name, Phone Number, Email):

IMPORTANT!!! Please make sure you read all of the info on our  Teen Self Study Course Tab, before registering, we know it is a lot of info, but we want you to know what to expect, how to pay, understand the driving portion, how long it will take, etc.

*Again, please note if you are starting this course, do not wait until the last minute. Students will have to drive with their instructor multiple times, so please plan accordingly and don't wait until the last minute. 

Step 2:

Look for email confirmation. Please read the confirmation email, it has lots of beneficial information that will save a lot of time in the long run. We know no one wants to read :) but trust us, this will make things go much more smooth knowing the info provided in the email. 



Payment Information: Please don't send payment until registered.

Once registered for course, you will send check or money order to our P.O. Box. We do not accept debit it credit cards.

Please send payment to $375 (eBook is a separate purchase):

Cornhusker Driving School

P.O. Box 3463

Omaha, NE 68103 (when sending in check or money order, on memo line please indicate you are paying for the online course).