Self Study Teen Course 

* Please note this course will be mainly bookwork and is more of a self study course, keep in mind it is 20 hours worth of material*

Thank you for your interest in Cornhusker Driving School.

  There is a lot of information that you need to know and we ask that you read it carefully before registering. If you are new to Driver's Ed or you have been through it before, a lot has changed. We share this info with you so you understand the process start to finish. Please scroll down and read carefully.

Approved Driver Safety Course Self Study $375.00 + $16.95 for the How To Drive Student eBook

What is this and what is required?

This at home course is a self-study course that allows the student to get the same educational information that we discuss in our live classes but on their own schedule, without having to drive to our classroom location. This is ideal for students with busy schedules. The course material is completed at home by the student on their own time frame (must be completed within 30 days of registration). Vaild Nebraska Learner's Permit or School Permit.

How much is the self study course and how does the student pay?

Cost of class is $375 (plus purchase of and is due once confirmation is received. Please send in check or money order to our P.O. Box. We do not accept debit it credit cards.

Please send payment to $375 (eBook is a separate purchase):

Cornhusker Driving School

P.O. Box 3463

Omaha, NE 68103 (when sending in check or money order, on memo line please indicate you are paying for the online course).

How does the student purchase the eBook and how much does it cost?

Once registered for the course, we will send you the online material via email. You can purchase the eBook by clicking here. The book will be purchased from AAA and is $16.95. Because it is an eBook you will be able to access once purchased.

How does the self study course work and how does the student turn in assignments?

There will be three sections to this course (Section 1, 2, 3). The student will complete each section one at a time. Once registered, we will send the first section. They will complete the section and answer the questions on a Word doc, or something similar. Once that section we will send the next and so on. You will turn in assignments by replying to one of the emails you received from Cornhusker.

How soon does the student need to finish the Self Study Course?

The student will have 30 days to complete the material from registration date. The student will simply send back completed material via email for grading, once graded the instructor will reach out to start the driving.

What about car and insurance for the driving portion of the course?

For the driving portion with us, they will be using our Cornhusker Driving School marked vehicles with a passenger side brake and they will be on our insurance when in our vehicle.

How does the student schedule the driving if they do the self study course?

After completing the three sections, the student will be contacted by their assigned driving instructor to schedule their first lesson. Keep in mind for the driving portion they will be picked up from home as long as they live in our pickup range. If you happen to live outside our area, the instructor will find a meeting point. Once the course material has been graded, we will send you the contact information to assigned driver.  PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU CONTACT THE DRIVER FOR ANY CHANGES. Driving is done ONE ON ONE and we pickup and drop off at home if you live in our area  (Elkhorn, Bellevue, Papillion, Millard, Omaha, Bennington, Gretna). If you live outside our area you will have a meeting spot. 

How much driving will the student be doing?

It all varies on the student and how much experience they have. They get UP TO 5 hours of instruction, but may be tested out sooner if they are meeting all the requirements to pass the drive test. Some may drive two times, some might drive three times, etc it all varies on how long they go out for with their instructor as well. 

How long does the driving take to complete?

Driving can take up to 90 days, or longer if your student has difficulties fitting driving lessons into their schedules.

During the Summer months, early Fall or whens schools are on breaks, it is not unusual to have lessons spaced 4-6 weeks apart. It always helps expedite the process when your student prioritizes scheduling their driving lessons and is responsive to the driving instructor.

How can a student get prepared for the driving portion of the course?

We know some people take this course last minute and expect to be done quickly, but know that this is something that can't be rushed. Those taking the course need to keep in mind, these hours that you are given behind the wheel are for you to past the drive test. Yes, we will work on the parts where you have issues and of course other things in addition to that. If you're not practicing at home, then it is going to be a struggle. Just like anything you do in life, if you want to get better at something you practice. PRACTICING OUTSIDE OF DRIVING WITH YOUR INSTRUCTOR IS A MUST!!!!!! Keep in mind you will be driving for the rest of your life. Please get out and drive as much as you can.

What happens if the student has questions or needs help during the course?

The student will be assigned a classroom instructor as a point of contact (call, text, or email) throughout the self-study portion. Once the self-study material is submitted for evaluation and grading, the instructor will grade the submitted material.

When should a student register?

The sooner the better. Especially if the student plans on doing a lot of driving before driving on their own. When we complete a student who is doing the testing with us, they stay in the DMV system for a solid year and a half. Even if the student is not turning 15 for almost a year, they will still be in the system.

This course is a process, so waiting until the last minute is not recommended. Please don't procrastinate!!!

How quick are you to respond if a student turns in a section and needs another?

Response time is between 24-48 hours during the week. 

How do I Register?

See below for instructions.

Other Course Information 

IMPORTANT TO NOTE: Students will drive with their assigned instructor MULTIPLE times. Those who don’t have much experience behind the wheel will most likely drive a few different times. This is a process with often long gaps between lessons for the student to practice. Please make sure students complete the self-study course at least 90 days prior to being eligible for Provisional Operators Permit or School Permit for timely completion. PLEASE DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE. 


THIS IS REGISTRATION FOR ONLINE CLASS ONLY!!! If you want to register for the classroom session click here.

How to Register [2 easy steps]

Step 1:

Please message all 10 of the questions below at:

Note: If clicking on the email does not work just copy and paste the email, or start a new email by typing the email address into a new message.

* Please note this course will be mainly bookwork and is more of a self study course, keep in mind it is 20 hours worth of material*

1. Full Name (make sure you send exact name on permit...first, middle, last):

2. Full Address (used for driving portion):

3. Date of birth:

4. Which permit does student have: Learner's Permit or School Learner's Permit?

5. School/Learner's Permit Number (should start with "H" followed by a few numbers): 

6. Issued Date (please tell us if it has been renewed):

7. Student Cell:

8. How Much Driving Experience (estimation in hours):

9. Preferred email address to send send assignments:

10: Parent/Guardians Name, Phone Number, Email):

*Again, please note if you are starting this course, do not wait until the last minute. Students will have to drive with their instructor multiple times, so please plan accordingly and don't wait until the last minute. 

Step 2:

Look for email confirmation. Please read the confirmation email, it has lots of beneficial information that will save a lot of time in the long run. We know no one wants to read :) but trust us, this will make things go much more smooth knowing the info provided in the email. 



Payment Information: Please don't send payment until registered. 

Once registered for course, you will send check or money order to our P.O. Box. We do not accept debit it credit cards. 

Please send payment to $375 (eBook is a separate purchase):

Cornhusker Driving School 

P.O. Box 3463 

Omaha, NE 68103 (when sending in check or money order, on memo line please indicate you are paying for the online course). 

For additional questions, please contact Anna 402.341.4555 please leave a message for a return call.