Online Teen Course 

Approved Driver Safety Course $375.00 + $16.95 for the How To Drive Student eBook (valid NE Learner's Permit or School Learner's Permit required)

* Please note this course will be mainly bookwork and is more of a self study course*

What it includes: 

1. 20 hours of online educational material 

2. Up to five hours of one-on-one driving instruction which will be scheduled when the student completes online course. Drive time is separate from the 20 hours of online material. Student will be picked up from home for the driving portion (if they live in our area Bellevue, Papillion, Gretna, Millard, Elkhorn, etc.)

3. Once the student completes our course, they will not have to test with the DMV. They will do all their testing with us (applies to those who are 17 and under and have held LP for 6 months prior to 18th birthday). Once an individual turns 18, we can no longer test the individual. The DMV will administer all testing. Those who are 18 can still take course, just be aware testing will not be done by us.

Online Course Information 

This online course is a self-study course that allows the student to get the same educational information that we discuss in our live classes but on their own schedule, without having to drive to our classroom location. This is ideal for students with busy schedules. The course material is completed at home by the student on their own time frame (must be completed within 30 days of registration). The student will be assigned a classroom instructor as a point of contact throughout the self-study portion. Once the self-study material is submitted for evaluation and grading, the instructor will grade the submitted material. After grading, the student will be contacted by their assigned driving instructor to schedule their first lesson. Keep in mind for the driving portion they will be picked up from home as long as they live in our pickup range. If you happen to live outside our area, the instructor will find a meeting point. Once the course material has been graded, we will send you the contact information to assigned driver. 

IMPORTANT TO NOTE: Students will drive with their assigned instructor MULTIPLE times. Those who don’t have much experience behind the wheel will most likely drive a few different times. This is a process with often long gaps between lessons for the student to practice. Please make sure students complete the self-study course at least 60-90 days prior to being eligible for Provisional Operators Permit or School Permit for timely completion. PLEASE BE AWARE DRIVING MAY TAKE 60-90 DAYS DURING THE SUMMER MONTHS.

How it works: 

This can be started at any time once registered! 

Once registered for the course, we will send you the online material via email. KEEP IN MIND YOU WILL NEED TO PURCHASE THE HOW TO DRIVE eBOOK FOR AN ADDITIONAL $16.95.  You can purchase the eBook by clicking here. The book will be purchased from AAA and because it is an eBook you will be able to access once purchased. The student will have 30 days to complete the material from registration date. The student will simply send back completed material via email for grading, once graded the instructor will reach out to start the driving. STUDENT WILL NEED TO SEND IN FINISHED MATERIAL TYPED, not written. 


1. Nebraska Student Manual (you can obtain one at DMV or you can download an online version) 

2. How to Drive eBook (purchase by clicking here)

3. Student will need to be able to send finished material into us via email and it will need to be accessible, please do not send locked documents. 


How to register: 

* Please note this course will be mainly bookwork and is more of a self study course*

Please EMAIL (email address right below) answers to questions below:

Note: If clicking on the email does not work just copy and paste the email, or start a new email by typing the email address into a new message.

1. Full Name (make sure you send exact name on permit...first, middle, last):

2. Full Address (used for driving portion):

3. Date of birth:

4. Which permit does student have: Learner's Permit or School Learner's Permit?

5. School/Learner's Permit Number (should start with "H" followed by a few numbers): 

6. Issued Date (please tell us if it has been renewed):

7. Student Cell:

8. How Much Driving Experience (estimation in hours):

9. Preferred email address to send send assignments:

10: Parent/Guardians Contact (name and phone number):


Payment Information: Please don't send payment until registered. 

Once registered for course, you will send check or money order to our P.O. Box. Unfortunately we do not accept debit it credit cards. Please send payment to:

Cornhusker Driving School 

P.O. Box 3463 

Omaha, NE 68103 (when sending in check or money order, on memo line please indicate you are paying for the online course). 

For additional questions, please contact Anna 402.341.4555 please leave a message for a return call.